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About Us

Venenzi Wood Fired Pizza is a food truck based out of Herrin, Illinois. We are a scratch kitchen specializing in wood fired pizzas using the highest quality ingredients possible. Our philosophy of obsessing over every detail in the process of preparing simple and amazing ingredients creates doughs, sauces and toppings that have flavor and texture unlike anything else around. 

Our Pizza Philosophy

Our ideal pizza is soft and airy on the inside while being crunchy on the outside. It should support itself when held with minimal flop. The extended dough fermentation time should create a flavor complexity that isn’t available from most traditional American-style pizza. The tomato sauce should allow the brightness and sweetness of great tomatoes to shine through without being bland or overly acidic. The cheese should be as fresh as possible and have a great texture and flavor. 

Every part of our process is designed to reach this goal in the best way we know how – this design will be ever-changing. Our ingredients will be meticulously selected based on quality, origin and our own taste preferences. 


We hope you enjoy it!